dr-chris-kelley-doing-an-adjustmentDo Chiropractic Adjustments Cause Stroke?

According to Murphy’s review of the research, “The odds of stroke occurring within 24 hours of a visit to a primary care physician was virtually the same as stroke occurring within 24 hours of a visit to a chiropractor.”

Murphy adds, “Therefore, based upon the best current evidence, it appears that there is no strong foundation for a causal relationship between [chiropractic adjustments] and [strokes]. The most plausible explanation for the association… is that individuals who are experiencing a [stroke] seek care from a chiropractic physician or other manual practitioner for relief of the neck pain and headache that results from the dissection.”

If a patient has symptoms of a coming stroke, their odds of survival are actually improved when see their chiropractor, because chiropractors screen for neurological signs of stroke, allowing for early detection.

Read the research review at PubMed

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